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Baptism at the River Jordan

Most Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to go to Israel?

Israel is a great place to visit year-round. It has a similar temperature to California with long, warm, dry summers and mild winters. The areas with hills enjoy a cooler weather, so for example Jerusalem and Safed usually has a comfortable temperature. Temperatures can vary widely so if you travel in the spring or fall, pack up a sweater and something warm.

Will I be able to get around? What's the language spoken?

No need for Rosetta Stone or a Hebrew class at the local community college. You will find that most people speak three languages, Hebrew, Arabic and English. You’ll even find that most signs, menus and ads are written in these three languages, so it’s very easy to get around for those who speak English!

Do I need to exchange my money once I arrive?

While we suggest you do not bring large sums of cash during your tour, it is recommended you bring a small amount during the days you tour the Old City, since establishments usually take payments in cash. Most (if not all) shops and vendors will accept US dollars as well as the New Israeli Shekel, so often people can get by without converting a dime!

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Top 10 Things to Eat in Israel

Tasting local dishes is about so much more than happy taste buds. It's an opportunity to learn the culture.

Best winieries in Israel

Israel is the land of wine. You will find approximately 300 wineries in a country about the size of New Jersey.

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