If you’re visiting Israel, don’t miss a few must-see historical and Biblical sites! Check out a list we prepared of our top 5 sites and we hope to see you soon in the Holy Land!

Walking the Via Dolorosa

Walking the Via Dolorosa is an experience like no other. Going through the historical and Biblical sites where Jesus walked and following our Savior’s last hours of life, his sacrifice; is emotional to many and even life changing.

The four quarters, Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish have different personalities and in 220 acres of this walled city, you will interact with locals of different backgrounds, religious denominations and tourist from around the world.


The views at the Baha’i Gardens

Have you heard of “the Bab”? “The Bab” means “the Gate” in Arabic. In the 19th century a young merchant received a divine message that was believed to be the key to transform the life of humanity.

The goal of the Bahá’i faith was to spread spiritual and moral reformation with acts of kindness and heroism. They also believed that their mission was to prepare for the coming of God, the one that would bring true peace to earth.

Even if you do not practice or know anything about the modern form of Bahá’i faith, the impressive views and gardens of this monumental temple are worth a visit!


The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and its history

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is a 12th Century church built by Constantine the Great at the site believed to be where Jesus was resurrected. The architecture and the beauty of the decorations in this church are impressive and the significance to Christian pilgrims from around the world make this site a must-visit spot in Israel. In 2016 the tomb was opened for the first time in centuries and it underwent a massive restoration

Some denominations believe the site of the resurrection is the Garden Tomb, America Israel Tours takes you to both sites. Click here to check out our Israel tours.


Floating at the Dead Sea

More than 30,000 medical tourists visit Israel every year! The salty waters of the Dead Sea provide relief for a variety of medical conditions. Our Christians tours take you to the Dead Sea!

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The Western Wall

This is undoubtedly the holiest place for the Jewish faith. The site itself feels heavy, it a culture shock to many and a must-visit attraction. The 2,000-year-old limestones are the remains of the Second Jewish Temple and thousands of locals and visitors leave personal notes and wishes in between the cracks of the wall.