Israels 70th  Anniversary What to Expect

Israel citizens and tourists from around the world are anxiously awaiting to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Israel beginning on April 18. The “Culture and Sport Minister” Miri Regev announced a detailed plan for their “70 Hours of Israeli Celebrations”. Starting with beach parties to street events all day, this will be an occasion you can’t miss!

“I thought it would be appropriate to implement a concept of ongoing events, beginning with the Independence Day ceremony on Wednesday and ending on Saturday evening: 70 hours of Israeli festivity that will bring citizens together across the country in varied and joyous events,” Regev said during the press conference where the official logo for the event was unveiled and the theme “A Legacy of Innovation.” was announced.

The list of events include:

The fireworks show “Israel and the World Sing Together”, where people from around the world will sing a song after a torch-lighting ceremony. As the song is about to end, the largest fireworks display in the history of Israel will begin.

The “70km Party” will be an amazing celebration on 43.5 miles of majestic beaches in Israel. Israelis and tourists will enjoy great music by well-known local and international DJs, enjoy food and dance all night!

The “Parades of Lights” in Jerusalem will be an event like no other, Israel’s music, culture and innovation will be the highlight of this moving light show. Find a good spot with your family and friends, bring a chair and enjoy the display of magic. This is the first time Israel has put on this show and you will be able to enjoy it beginning on Thursday night.

At 4:00PM on Friday, starts the “The 70th Hora”, a celebration of dance where people will sing songs written exclusively for the festivities. You will then join a Kabalat Shabbat, the mystical ritual designed to welcome Shabbat. If you’re a tourist, you will experience and learn more about one of the most magical collective events in Israeli life.

Israel will end the birthday celebrations with a bang, when everyone gets together for the “Soundtrack Event for Israeli Society”. During this event, Israel will honor artists that have contributed to its culture throughout the years. You will see performers from around the world collaborating for the first time onstage.

The celebrations are expected to cost $30 million, with extremely tight security measures put in place to guarantee a safe and wonderful time for spectators. If you didn’t plan ahead to celebrate with the Israelis on this historic weekend, 70 year celebrations can be experienced throughout the year, so you still have time to enjoy the Holy Land festivities. Click here to check out our Israel tours and sign up today!