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The Upper Room in Jerusalem is the place where Jesus dined with the apostles during the last meal of his life, before dying on the cross. It is also where the apostles gathered after the resurrection of Jesus.

It was a house with spacious rooms in the city of Jerusalem and belonged to a friend of Jesus. It had two rooms, a ground floor, used for prayers and a high floor, used to eat.

The Crusaders, faithful to the biblical text, made sure their chapel was on the second floor of the building and that the “Tomb of David” was subsequently installed below.

In 1335, 80 years after the fall of the Crusader kingdom, the Franciscans, who had remained in their post as Custodians of the Holy Land acquired the Caliphate room. Jews were played with David’s tomb in the 15th century, a conflict that was resolved only when Muslims were in charge of it and turned it all into a mosque in 1551. Today Christians and Jews still share the building.

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