St. Peters Fish

The new addition to our line of Israel tours is the “Roots of your Faith II” tour, which is a continuation tour designed for second time travelers. One of the delightful new experiences included in this tour is the “St. Peter’s Fish” lunch! After a busy morning of visiting sites in the Galilee Region, we stop at one of the area’s finest restaurants to enjoy a succulent lunch while relishing in one of the most beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee.

The Bible story behind the “St. Peter’s Fish” is fascinating. When Simon Peter and his fellow fishermen were having a hard time making a catch after fishing all day, Jesus asked Peter to cast his net on the other side of the boat and this time it filled up with a plethora of fish- so many in fact that the net almost burst! That’s when Jesus said to Peter and the other fishermen that they would become fishers of men.

And while the biblical stories describe an abundance of fish 2,000 years ago, were are lucky we can still enjoy a delicious “St. Peter’s Fish” today. The Sea of Galilee has suffered a tremendous decline of Tilapia fish caused by droughts, over-fishing, and the use of water from the lake, prompting Israel’s government to get involved and save the local tourism that invites visitors to the many restaurants looking to enjoy this delicious dish.

We asked Christina about her experience during the “St. Peter’s Fish” lunch and she described it as an experience she will never forget. “Dinning next to the Sea of Galilee was an experience like no other. My family and I were surprised by the variety of delicious sides included with the lunch, fresh vegetables and fruit. Having a St. Peter’s fish lunch is something you must do, it’s unique!”

Enjoy the waterfront while you eat fish served with a great variety of sides such as pita bread, fries, green salad, yams, vegetables, corn chowder, garbanzo salad, fresh dates, olives and more. And definitely don’t leave without tasting the straddle with cream or the chocolate cake!

Photo by: Steve Conger