According to the Ministry of Tourism, an astounding record breaking 2.1 million tourists have visited the Holy Land from January to June. A 19% increase from last year, inserting 3.3 billion dollars (NIS 12 billion) into the Israeli Economy.

It’s no surprise that investors and entrepreneurs are looking at Israel as the new land of opportunities for development and business. Several new projects that are meant to entice tourists from around the world are in the works. Here’s a list of a few!

New Cable Car Over Jerusalem Opening in 2021

New Cable Car Over Jerusalem Opening in 2021

A plan to build a cable car which would zip through over the Jerusalem skyline has passed and is scheduled to open in 2021. The proposal was originally introduced by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and would allow tourists from around the world to have more accessibility to religious and historic sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. The project has a cost of $56 million and will have a span across the city of 4,600 feet. Pretty soon, you’ll see colorful airborne gondolas carrying more than 3,000 tourists an hour!


Ecological Beach in EilatPhoto courtesy of Eilat Municipality

Ecological Beach in Eilat

The Eilat coast is not only popular for its gorgeous beaches and thriving nightlife, but also because of its environmentally conscious sites and attractions. Next to the Dolphin Reef, a 600-feet stretch of shoreline will be developed as an ecological beach. The educational center will include a marine garden and natural climbing structures.


Fast Rail Tel Aviv to JerusalemPhoto courtesy of Israel Railways

Fast Rail Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Israel’s scenic drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is something to experience. By the end of the year, you will be able to enjoy the picturesque sites of the Holy Land at 100 mph! The new high-speed rail will take tourists and locals from Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport to Old City Jerusalem in only 28 minutes.


New Eilat Ramon Airport

New Eilat Ramon Airport

The new Ramon Airport located north of Eilat in Timna Valley will replace the two local airports. The long-awaited improvements in air travel to the area are meant to attract new tourists to the Red Sea resort city.