A beautiful view of The Dead Sea General Info

The Dead Sea General Info

The Dead Sea Useful Information for Tourists

The Dead Sea is located about 80 kilometers east of the Mediterranean, between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territory; flanked by mountains to the east and the hills of Jerusalem to the west, giving the landscape an almost otherworldly beauty.

When To Go

The best time to travel to the Dead Sea area are the months between March and October, the best are the spring months between March and June. If you would like to visit the desert areas, the preferred time to travel is during the cooler winter months.

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Getting Here

Take your passport or a copy of your passport on your smartphone. Friday and Saturday offer limited or reduced transportation in the area. 


It is quiet a safe area, simply maintain reasonable precautions.


Tourist and locals usually tip in Israel, especially in restaurants. If the bill does not include a service fee, a 12% tip should be added to the payment. It is also custom to tip bellboys or any other service providers at hotels. Usually taxi drivers are not tipped.

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