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Mount Herzl is located in Jerusalem and it’s also the national cemetery. Its name was given in honor of the founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, whose tomb is at the top of the hill. The cemetery is meant to bury those who are considered war heroes of Israel, and their heads of state and former presidents of the Knesset (parliament).

At Mount Herzl you find a cemetery for the country’s politicians. Also a monument to the victims of terrorism in Israel from 1851 to the present and a Jewish burial cave from the Second Temple discovered in the National Cemetery in 1954.

The National Memorial Hall has the names of all the fallen defenders of Israel from 1860 to the present. Besides the grave of Herzl and other personalities, you will appreciate the architectural beauty of all of graves and also the stunning views on top of Mount Herzl, which is another reason to explore the cemetery . The military zone with soldiers of different faiths came into use in 1949 and the cemetery was opened in 1952.

At the Garden of the Missing in Action you will see the unknown soldier memorial and pay tribute to all those who fought for Israel, a modern beautiful garden opened in 2004.

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