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Jerusalem Light Show Night Spectacular

Multiple times a week the sacred walls below the Tower of David are illuminated with 4,000 years of history told wordlessly through light and sound. Antiquity meets modern technology in a surprisingly harmonious union as moving images are projected onto the ancient walls.

Watch the transformation of Jerusalem as it passes through the ages of David, the Romans, Muhammad, the Crusaders, Suleiman the Magnificent and more. An impressive amount of history is covered in only 45 minutes. Considering that the entire account is conveyed through nonverbal narration, this is certainly a remarkable feat!

For under $20.00, this is definitely an attraction that should not be missed; better than a fireworks show (and also more educational). The show is captivating to children as well as adults, so bring the whole family. But bundle everyone up and bring a hot beverage! The show is viewed in the open air so there is a good chance that it will be chilly.

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