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The Jordan River is a river of 360 km in total length. It flows through the southeast of Lebanon to the south, entering Israel and ending at the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. In this stretch the Jordan becomes the border between Jordan and Israel and between Jordan and Palestine. Despite its modest dimensions, the Jordan River is the largest river throughout the Holy Land.

Along the banks you will find many monasteries and churches since the Jordan River has significance for three religions: Christian, Jewish and Islamic. It is the place where Jesus was baptized and why thousands of faithful come there to bathe and be baptized in the same place.

More than half a million people visit the Yardenit baptismal site each year; for many of them it is to fulfill a desire of the heart and realize a dream: to be baptized in the waters of the Jordan River, the sacred river, the same waters where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. The Yardenit waters are flowing waters, crisp and clean, as in the days of the New Testament. Modern facilities are at the service of the baptized to make your experience even more enjoyable and simply complement a natural environment.

Also unbaptized visitors come to enjoy a special atmosphere in the spiritual site. From the platform waters, coastal plants, the baptized enter the water in their white robes through the quiet waters along the river, enjoying the trees of Israel and the typical vegetation planted at the site. Along the riverside, stone benches invite visitors to prayer and contemplation.

The Yardenit site was built in the early 90s of the twentieth century in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of Israel and is the site of the official baptisms.

Matthew 3:6
and were baptized by him in the Jordan, confessing their sins

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