A beautiful view of Haifa and the Coastline General Info

Haifa and the Coastline General Info

General Information about Haifa & the Coastline

At the foot of Mount Carmel you will find the modern city of Haifa. The third metropolis of Israel is a major port city with a bustling center, known as the German Colony”, it offers it’s visitors numerous restaurants, shops and cafes where you can enjoy a malabi while enjoying the breeze Mediterranean.

When to Go

Haifa and it’s coastline is beautiful year-round. With it’s 7 km of wonderful beaches, you will find many cafes and restaurants. Most beaches have free WiFi available.

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Getting Here

Haifa is 100 km north of TelAviv and the best way to get to Haifa is by train, the journey takes just one hour.

The train stops at several stations in TelAviv. Once you get to Haifa by train, you can get off at the main station and take the funicular (Carmelit) to climb Mount Carmel, there you will see a panoramic view over the Bay of Haifa and you can visit the splendid Bahá’í Gardens.

There are also buses from Tel Aviv to Haifa and of course our tours take you there too!

Getting Around

All visitors to Israel must hold a valid passport for at least 6 months. Regular visitors without a visa or tourist visa can remain in Israel for 90 days. We usually suggest you carry at least a copy of your passport in your smartphone.


You can change any currency at airports, banks, post offices, most hotels or exchange offices accredited in Haifa. When changing traveler’s checks, it’s necessary to present a passport. Exchange rates vary from place to place, and banks charge a commission. There are plenty of ATMs and most facilities accept Visa, MasterCard and an increasing number of facilities are starting to accept American Express cards.


Israel has one of the strictest security policies in the world. In recent years the number of terrorist attacks inside Israel have dropped to single digits. While traveling  it’s necessary to be aware about the news and the advice of the locals. Upon entering the bus or train stations, shopping centers, many supermarkets and all kinds of public places tend to inspect carry-on items through X-rays and you might need to walk through a metal detector. “Yesh lecha neshek?” (“Do you carry a gun?”) is a phrase you will hear at security points. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to the extra security, but our travelers always come back with positive feedback about how secure they felt walking through the streets of Haifa and Israel in general.


Tipping is normally expected only in restaurants and hotels. The restaurant receipts usually do not include service, therefore 10% is expected as a tip to the waiter. Anything beyond that is considered as a thank you for the good service. You do not have to tip in small shops selling food such as falafel, shawarma or burek and so on. It is advisable to tip the bellman at the hotel. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers.

Photo by David King

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