Popular Restaurants in Eilat & Negev

Are you looking for a buffet style meal, a five-course feast or even a romantic dinner? Eilat has it all. Just look around and you’ll find restaurants that will suit your fancy. Photo by Joe Goldberg

Rak Dagim
Rak Dagim

Most of the seafood and fish comes from the Red Sea! Chef Yaacov Levi is a fisherman, so he knows a thing or two about local fish. You will love Rak Dagim.

Phone:  086337450
Website: www.rol.co.il/sites/rak-dagim/


Pedro is a restaurant and wine-bar which specializes in modern, original and international food. It offers a wide variety of appetizers, and a large selection of excellent wines.

Phone: 08-6379504
Website: www.pedrobistro.rest-e.co.il

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