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Eilat & Negev Museums

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You will find many museums with exhibits and events that will describe the history, art, culture and music of the wonderful city of Eilat.

Eilat Art Gallery
Eilat Art Gallery

Across from the Eilat Museum sits the Eilat Artists Gallery, which aspires to bring the southern city’s artistic activity to the forefront. Over 70 artists, residents of Eilat and the Eilat region, exhibit dozens of paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photographs, ceramics and more.

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Eilat My City Museum
Eilat My City Museum

The Eilat My City Museum was built by a group of Eilat residents on the ruins of an American fast-food restaurant. The intimate museum explores Eilat’s growth and development through exhibitions and artifacts dating back to the War of Independence in 1949.

Phone:  6340754-08

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