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The Tomb of King David is the name given to a place on Mount Zion in Jerusalem at the Church of the Dormition. It is located in a corner of the ground floor of the remains of Hagia Zion, a Byzantine church; the top floor of the same building was also associated to the Upper Room where the Last Supper took place and where the Eucharist was instituted.

According to the Bible, David slept in the City of David with his parents, that was located somewhere in Mount Zion, also his son Solomon was buried there.

The ancient building that houses the tomb of King David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem is almost always crowded; some come to pray and pay tribute to the king of Israel and famous ancestor of the Messiah, while others recite holy texts all day in the lobby of the tomb.

For centuries Jews have come here in droves to recite psalms David wrote, whose biography provides many lessons about human nature. The tomb is covered with a velvet cloth embroidered with the words “David Melech Yisrael Chai Vekayam”, the first song many Jewish children learn and which evokes the idea that the spirit of David is still with us.

The anniversary of David’s death coincides with the eve of Shavuot.

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