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Eilat is blessed with one of the most amazing and unique coral reefs in the world, with an underwater marine observatory situated in the heart of the reef. The park offers its visitors a rare opportunity to enter the natural and abundant marine kingdom of the Red Sea – an unforgettable experience for both young and old.

The park has a spectacular display (over 800 species) of fish, coral, sharks, mollusks, stingrays, turtles, and many other animals from the Gulf of Eilat. and, the most unforgettable place of all – the Underwater Marine Observatory, the only one of its kind in the world! The observatory is a tower situated in the middle of the sea, without any fences or cages, offering a rare view of the Red Sea, with its bright colors, tones, and the marine life in the Gulf of Eilat. The tower is comprised of two display halls. These halls are submerged at a depth of 12 meters under the sea, offering visitors a natural view of the coral reef’s spectacular beauty through huge plate glass windows.

A short distance away you’ll be able to experience the Dolphin Reef, where a group of dolphins living with friendly sea lions will captivate your heart.

Visitors to the park are welcome to watch the feeding of the animals in a variety of shows. The feedings which take place daily at set hours, are accompanied by explanations by the park team and include information about the fish and animals. Some feedings are carried out by divers who feed the marine animals underwater. The diver, wearing a special mask with a microphone and earplugs, communicates with the audience during the feed.

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