Egypt new discovery

The Great Pyramid of Giza has always been a subject of fascination for tourists, scientists and archaeologists around the world. Now and then new discoveries are announced by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiques, but this new discovery is huge, literally!

A gigantic hidden space inside the Great Pyramid has been found and it sparks debate and theories of what could be inside. The 100 feet long hidden space has everyone puzzled as to the significance of this space. We know of the King’s chamber, the smaller Queen’s chamber and the Grand Gallery, but what could be hiding inside this mysterious space?

Scientists used an advanced technology that measures “muons”. Muons are particles that decay and are absorbed by stone. On top of the Queen’s chamber, the measuring devices found a larger number of muons passing through, which confirms a larger horizontal space is located above her chamber.

Could there be another burial site or grand chamber inside this space? Could we find new treasures that would possibly rewrite the history of the Egyptian people? Well, it looks like we might never find out! Drilling holes into the stone has been completely banned, since this is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and a huge tourist attraction. Using invasive techniques for a structure built 4,500 years ago should not be taken lightly and therefore prohibited.

Hopefully new technology will eventually open these spaces to the world and we will get to learn what’s inside! If you would like to visit Egypt and follow Moses’ footsteps, join our “Into The Promised Land” tour. You will visit the pyramids, Petra (one the Seven Wonders of the Modern World) and the Biblical and historical sites of Israel. It is a trip of a lifetime! Click here for more information.