2018 was a record breaking year for tourism in Israel with a little over 4 million visitors making their way to the Holy Land. But 2019 shattered that record when Israel saw 4.55 million tourists- a whopping 11% higher than the previous year! 2019 marks the third year in a row of breaking the tourism record.


An overwhelming majority of these tourists (890,000) were American. The next highest number of travelers were from France (338,200) followed by Russia (296,000), Germany (268,900) and Britain (218,700). China, Italy, Poland and Ukraine were also major tourism sources in 2019. All these tourist pumped around NIS 23 billion into the Israeli economy.

A big contributor to this significant increase in tourism can be attributed to the European Open Skies Agreement. This agreement has made it easier for budget airlines to fly to Israel, which ultimately makes traveling to Israel more affordable. Since airfare is often the most expensive piece of the travel puzzle, this makes a trip to Israel much more financially feasible for those on a budget.

This all adds up to great news for Israel, as well as for tourists desiring to make the trek to the Holy Land. Now is the time to consider making tour dream of visiting the Holy Land a reality!