As one of the oldest and most captivating civilizations, Egypt has drawn visitors for centuries. From its rich history to the exquisite cuisine, there are countless reasons to put Egypt on your bucket list. But now there is one more exciting reason- the new Grand Egyptian Museum is about to open to the public.


The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum, the world’s largest archaeological museum, is set to make its grand opening this year! Featuring tens of thousands of artifacts and a massive collection of relics from Tutankhamun’s tomb, including his intricate ceremonial funeral beds, jewelry, shoes, and even his royal loincloth. The antiquities will paint a picture of how the young king lived from the way to dressed to the food he ate. It will be the first time the collection of King Tut’s artifacts will be displayed in its entirety. This is sure to be one of the most extraordinarily memorable museums you’ll ever visit. Beyond the priceless relics that the museum will house, the $1billion project is said to offer ten restaurants, 28 shops, a theater, and a conference center as well. Some of the galleries are over 65 feet tall and will house enormous objects such as a 40 foot tall, 83 ton statue of Ramses II. Making the museum even more impressive is the breathtaking view of the Pyramids of Giza.



The Food in Egypt is Amazing!

Usually when people think of outstanding cuisine the first places that come to mind are countries such as France, Italy, or Greece. However, Egypt’s food culture is highly underrated. I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that they have had over 5,000 years to perfect it. Embracing influences from the various cultures that have crossed paths with Egypt, the food has developed through the centuries into a cuisine that differs from other African and Middle Eastern countries. Must-try dishes include:

  • Ful Medammes- a traditional breakfast of fava beans cooked in oil
  • Falafel- unlike the typical Middle Eastern snack made with chickpeas, Egyptians use fava beans to prepare these delicious fried treats
  • Koshari- one of Egypt’s most traditional dishes, Koshari is a carb lovers dream consisting of rice, pasta, lentils, and beans with red sauce and caramelized onions

The best part is that AIT’s tours include daily buffet breakfasts and dinners offering an impressive spread of culinary options, so it’s easy to taste a wide variety of local cuisine. This is especially ideal for the picky eater as it removes the worry over choosing a dish that you do not enjoy. If you don’t like what you put on your plate, just move along to the next option. But we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by the food Egypt has to offer. Get ready to stuff yourself!



The Shopping

Travelers to Egypt absolutely must make time for some shopping! This is one of the most unique and culturally rich destinations in the world so souvenirs are essential. There are countless treasures for visitors to find ranging from desktop trinkets to rare antiquities. There are also countless bizarres, souks, and markets in which to search for these treasure. Now before we dive into exploring Egypts best shopping spots, a little advice- bring cash and sharpen your haggling skills. Here is a list of some of the best places to meet all your shopping needs:

  • Khan Al Khalili
  • Souk Al Fustat
  • Aswan Souk
  • Old Market
  • Souk-Al-Gamaal



The Pyramids of Giza

The most iconic image of Egypt is, of course, the Pyramids of Giza. The famous landmark is one of the few remaining Wonders of the Ancient World and is the perfect location to enjoy a camel ride while feeling as though you have been transported through time. The largest of the Pyramids, known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, even has an interior chamber that can be entered into by visitors. Located near the pyramids is Egypt’s second most iconic image- the Great Sphinx. This massive 66 foot high limestone statue features a lion with the head of a woman who is infamously missing her nose. AIT’s Into the Promised Land Tour offers travelers these opportunities and provides the very best guides to share the pyramid’s fascinating 4,500 year old history.


Nile River Cruise

A Nile River Cruise is the ideal way to complete any visit to Egypt. Since the Nile was the lifeblood of Ancient Egyptian Civilization, the most historically significant ruins are located along its banks. Because of this, cruises are the best way to view Egypt’s most famous ruins such as Aswan, Karnak and Luxor while also experiencing the hospitality and enchanting culture that Egypt has to offer. AIT offers 2 optional Nile Cruise add ons that take travelers on an unforgettable adventure.

So are you intrigued by this captivating biblical, historical, and cultural goldmine yet? It is a new decade and time for new adventures! Let AIT help you reach your dream destination.