One of the major draws to visiting Greece is the abundance of historical sites and ancient ruins, but let’s be honest, the beaches aren’t exactly playing second fiddle. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation and a chance to relax and rejuvenate. I mean what sounds more fabulous than soaking up the sun on a gorgeous sandy beach next to crystal clear water? Not much!! There is certainly no shortage of beautiful beaches in Greece, but here is a list of our favorites:


Super Paradise Beach Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

A lot of people immediately picture the iconic windmills of Mykonos when they think of the island. However, Mykonos is also well known for its summer party scene. The beaches are lively and full of energy and music. Super Paradise Beach gets pretty crowded during the summer, but for good reason. Early in the day is draws families due to its unbelievably clear warm water and plethora of umbrella covered sunbeams. However, in the afternoon and evening it becomes a party scene with thumping music and flowing cocktails.


Balos Lagoon Crete

Balos Lagoon, Crete

Probably the most photographed beach in Crete, Balos is known for its turquoise water surrounded by white and pink sand. The water is wonderfully warm and shallow, which makes it an ideal place for kids to play. Those who enjoy snorkeling will find the perfect spot beyond the lagoon’s rocks where the water becomes deeper and cooler.


Kamari Beach Santorini

Kamari Beach, Santorini

Santorini is best known for its iconic white buildings topped with bright blue domes. But below the picturesque town of Fira lies Kamari Beach. Here beachgoers enjoy black sand and the famous Mesa Vuono rock that makes for stunning photo ops. This is a great beach to visit if you enjoy water sports since there is a variety offered here. For those who are feeling less adventurous, there are also daybeds available for some good old relaxation and sun tanning.


Lindos Beach Limanaki Agios Pavlos Rhodes

Lindos Beach Limanaki Agios Pavlos, Rhodes

The colors of the water surrounded by impressive rocky cliffs in this little bay are simply unbelievable. Go ahead, do a google search! Once you’ve seen the pictures you probably won’t care about anything else I write here. That stunning water is enough! However, if you can take your eyes off the natural beauty, you will notice a quaint white chapel dedicated to St. Paul located right on the beach. If you are the daring type, you can get your thrills by diving from the cliffs into the bay.


Elli Beach Rhodes

Elli Beach, Rhodes

Something about this beach reminds me a bit of Waikiki. It’s probably because the beautiful beach has a backdrop lined with modern hotels. This makes it easily accessible with an array of restaurants, taverns, and shops for visitors to enjoy when they are done sunbathing. Imagine spending the day basking in the surf and sand and then sitting back and filling your belly with some delicious Greek cuisine while you watch the sunset. What could be better?!


Feeling like you need a vacation yet? Go get your tan on and return home looking as bronzed as a Greek god!