If you’re traveling to Israel this summer, we thought it would be fun to come up with a few fun facts about Israel! Check it out and share your fun facts in the comments!

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Betzavta, the home-cooked Israeli meal service

1. Visiting Israel and you’re craving authentic Israeli cuisine? Not sure if you’re getting the full local experience? Try this home-cooked Israeli meal service brought to you by Betzavta (https://www.betzavta.me/). Betzavta means “together” in Hebrew. This service brings travelers and locals together, creating true friendships through a unique experience. Their hosts open their homes and invite you for a casual Israeli dinner – a great opportunity to get to know each other, find out more about Israel and share about your own home. A fun fact about Israeli food, the Lancet Medical Journal recently released a report that shows Israel is the country with less obesity and other diet related health diseases.


The Myth of the Bamba Peanut Snack

The Myth of the Bamba Peanut Snack!

2. If you visit an Israeli market, the first treat you will want to go for is the Bamba Peanut Snack! This popular local snack contains 50% peanuts, it’s enriched in vitamins, iron, free of preservatives and food coloring. This product also saves lives! Israel had to come up with a deal with the Osem Corporation to produce more than a million bags a day in order to help babies avoid allergies around the world.


Fresh Tomatoes Grown with Salt WaterPhoto by Rafael Ben-Ari

Fresh Tomatoes Grown with Salt Water

3. Did you know that Israeli cherry tomatoes, wine grapes and olives are watered with salty water in the Negev? Through new technology Israeli entrepreneurs have found a way to take advantage of the scarce water resources, coming out with state-of-art solutions and creating a new industry that has flourished in a vibrant restaurant industry with some of the best quality food in the world.


The Biblical Mrs. Lot Turned into a Pillar of Salt

4. After Israel discovered the world’s largest salt cave near the Dead Sea where it is believed that the biblical Mrs. Lot was turned into a pillar of salt, the Malham Cave. “Then the Lord rained brimstone and fire upon Sedom and Gomorrah…but [Lot’s] Wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt.” –Genesis 19


Eurovision’s Netta Barzilai Chicken Sounds

5. Israeli singer, Netta Barzilai who won her Eurovision Song Contest apparently did not like her winning song “Toy” until she added the chicken sounds. Netta Barzilai has become a true hero for girls and women from around the world.


Saving Lifes in Rwanda

6. Getting food to rural and long distance areas can be the difference between life and death. Israelis have invented a drone that delivers medical supplies in Rwanda.


Saving Children Trapped in a Cave

Saving Children Trapped in a Cave

7. Every parents’ nightmare, your children getting stuck underground in a cave, but thankfully thousands of international rescuers got together to save their lives. Israelis flew to Thailand with secret technology which ultimately got them saved.


Discovering an Ancient Roman Statue

Discovering an Ancient Roman Statue

8. In the US we are used to finding a rare coin here and there, maybe USB thumb drive, but what if you found an ancient Roman artifact? A woman in Beit She’an found a partly buried Roman bust! After she found the statue, she called the IAA, and they ended up finding a second bust from the late Roman 3rd-4th century period.


The Bible is Essential in Israels Space ProgramPhoto by Eliran Avital

The Bible is Essential in Israel’s Space Program

9. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered Israel’s moon spacecraft to be equipped with the whole Bible, pictures by Israeli kids, and the travelers’ prayer. After the president of SpaceIL confirmed he was not sure if the Bible could be integrated to the ship, the prime minister interrupted him: “If not, you have two weeks to do it. Please do it.”


israels Fastest Growing Tourism

Tourism in Israel

10. Did you know that Jerusalem is the world’s fastest-growing tourism destination? Make your reservation now and join one of our Israel Tours!