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The glass doors of the Davidson Center, near the Western Wall in Jerusalem, open silently to welcome you. But close behind you will have entered another world, the glorious past of this city, shown through the prism of advanced visualization technology.

The Center was built in the basement of an eighth-century building carefully preserved and restored. Going down the winding ramp artistic pieces and archaeological finds will make you go back to other times, and you will see color images exploring Jerusalem in the past. An artful presentation in digital high definition video.

The representation of the historical and spiritual treasures reflected (the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Southern Wall), which are still only a few steps away, adds interest to the presentation.

The highlight of the center is the virtual reconstruction of the Temple in 3D from excavations and ancient writings, by a team from the Department of Urban Simulation at UCLA. These images, generated every 41 millionths of a second, give visitors the curious feeling that they are really walking up the stairs of the Temple and through its high colonnades to admire the grandeur of the Sancta Sanctorum.

The center has a schedule of regular visits for groups and individuals, but is closed on Saturdays. The virtual reconstruction session is part of a tour that is requested through the Davidson Center.

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